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San Diego Fertility Doctors and IVF Fertility Treatment Center

Fertility Doctors and IVF Fertility Treatment Center in San Diego

Welcome to San Diego fertility doctors and IVF fertility treatment center by Fertile.com. Our infertility specialists will not only diagnose and treat your medical issues, but they support you emotionally and mentally through the IVF process. If you are looking for a world-class fertility, infertility, egg donation, tubal reversal, and surrogacy center in San Diego, CA, you have come to the right place. We are a successful, industry leading, top infertility medical clinic and our team is internationally recognized as being the best in the business.

You will feel comfortable knowing that your unique situation is private and with the our dedicated infertility specialists, your journey of having a new baby will be a success. We have some of the highest fertility rates and offer comprehensive end-to-end programs for our patients. We have the most experienced IVF and surrogacy doctors servicing national and international clients. We have a top-notch medical staff and a new, state-of-the-art facility with the best lab experts available.

Fertile is also a leading tourist travel destination for fertility, infertility and surrogacy services based in San Diego. Our fertility center offers a “family environment” for both US and foreign patients visiting from around the world. If your serious about having a baby, our infertility center makes your dream of becoming a parent a reality and is passionate about providing you with the best care.

Here is what our new, happy parents are saying!

“I moved to San Diego and started the looking for the best fertility clinic offering the IVF process in April 2013. The doctors and medical staff  at Reproductive Sciences Medical Center are excellent, and they truly demonstrated the concept of “never turning patients away” on my case. The result: a beautiful, healthy 8 pound baby girl.”    -Y.L. , San Diego, CA

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